So, let's update my life . . . it's the middle of July, and I have been in New York for 2.5 months.

Working on THE 39 STEPS is great - I have a great cast, a fantastic crew, the show is fun to call - and it's sort of amazing to flex professional muscles I haven't had a chance to use. We are around performance 106, which is way more then you do in regional theatre. It's interesting to work in the commercial theatre world - we are focus on the house count, the weekly nut, recoup-ment. It's interesting to do theatre/art in the relm of making money. The show is doing well - we might be changing some cast members in September, so we might go back into rehearsal. Which is the thing I am going to miss the most. Rehearsing a new show.

I am trying to "network" in this city, but everyone tells me the summer is sort of dead as far as job possibilities. Not that I am looking to leave this show right away, but if a great opportunity arises, I want to be able to jump to it. Network is such a passive way to find a job, but why not?

Mark is doing well. We are loving the new apartment. We will never finish unpacking. Quin should be coming out in August.

So, it's all going well.


9:30a Mark leaves for NYC . . . we won't live in the same city until May 1. (Insert Sad Face here)
10:00a Re-tech Transitions for THE LIAR
2:00p Work re-tech transitions for THE LIAR w/actors
2:30p Work notes from Preview #1
5:00p Dinner
7:30p Preview

Possible understudy rehearsal for THE LIAR
8:00 Preview THE LIAR

Finish Packing the Apartment
8:00 Preview THE LIAR

2:00p Preview THE LIAR
8:00p Preview THE LIAR

Really Finish Packing the Apartments

9:30a Pick up Truck
1:00p Moves come to put everything in the Apartment in the truck
7:45p Open Night THE LIAR

6:00a Drive Truck to NYC
1:00p Moves come to take everything out of the truck and put in new Apartment
4:00p Drop of Truck
7:30p Bus back to DC

And then Liar Continues

Stress Level is through the roof

So . . .

I am posting here less and less . . . facebook taking over my life.

But, here we go as an update. Tuesday, I was offered a job to take over the commercial off-Broadway run of 39 Steps. (This is a new business model of moving a show from Broadway to Off-Broadway). I am accepted, and I know have 49 days to rehearse, tech, preview, open, hand over my current show in Washington DC, find an apartment in NYC, pack and move, get Mark to get a job (either in DC for six weeks, and then have him find a job in NYC, or go up to NYC now and get a job . . . )

It's a huge career move - and leaving behind safety and security for a world of opportunity and adventure.

It should be interesting . . .

When the heck was my last post?

Seriously, weeks, months?

Life has been extremely busy, and I feel like it just now is downshifting.

I went from TAMING OF THE SHREW, to ALCHEMIST, to AS YOU LIKE IT, and now to RICHARD II - pretty much non-stop. All of these went very well - AS YOU LIKE IT is one of the biggest shows I have ever done in my career. Seriously, it was six weeks, often seven days a week, to get that show up and running. Among there, I did the STC Gala, and the one night event with Ian McKellen. Whoosh.

Okay, just lived through my first Thanksgiving without turkey as a vegetarian . . . I got through it.


haven't posted in awhile. work work work work work work work work Mark and I are doing great work work work Happy Birthday Mark work work work work OPENED SHREW, HANDED OFF SHREW REHEARSING ALCHEMIST work work work work went to the dr today, and got a great massage tomorrow, back to work.

Summer is Over

Well, summer is over. Rollercoasters over. Family visits are over. Drinking too much at night is over. The weekends with Mark, and every night with Mark is over. Back to rehearsal today. (Sad really).

All in all, it was a good "summer break" - I am looking at a little longer break next summer - I hope. But, maybe not so much solo travel, and more Mark, the puppies and I.

Rehearsal for "Taming of the Shrew" begins today - it's a short rehearsal process . . . 17 days from now is tech - it's a remount from the season before last season. Should be a lot of fun, but it's always a challenge putting a show up quickly.

Plus, this begins a pretty busy six months for me . . . as I am show hoping form Shrew to Alchemist to As You Like It to Richard 2 . . . no rest for the wicked. Plus, as I am in rehearsal for Shrew, and starting to do some pre-production Alchemist . . . I need to fill two stage management positions that recently opened up, and have required me to flip everything around. (Sigh)


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I just joined a facebook group (or at least requested to join) for the teen missions international mission trip I took the summer of 1987.

I wonder what will happen . . . this is part of my life I am a little interested in seeing what happens.

The end of the Vacation

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so, almost two weeks on the road.

Plane from Chicago to Baltimore – HOME! – is delayed three hours.

Okay – here are the highlights.

1) Cedar Point – rode the 100th Thrill Ride

2) Drunk Married guy outside my hotel in Cleveland who went on and on about how he wished he was gay like me so he didn’t have to deal with women.

3) Hanging out with my son.

4) Hanging out with my son – and then going to more theme parks. Bringing the count to 114 thrill rides in 103 days. (That’s 114 DIFFERENT thrill rides, in 103 days – it’s over 200 something rides taken.)

5) Seeing my folks, seeing my brother Christopher, his lovely wife Sarah and their kids (Nolan – who is A-DORABLE and Nora – who is A-DORABLE), and my brother Chip – who is one coold dude. Maybe when I grow up I can be like my baby brother.

6) Visiting Boise. Going out on the town and getting adopted into a traveling Policeman’s birthday party. Thank got for Pita Pit.

7) Visiting my ractist, homophobic grandmother who seems fixated on death. I swear her last words seem to hint we would never see each other again.
8) Seeing my Aunt Lynn, Uncle Matt, and Cousin Sarah. It’s funny how sometimes time doesn’t change anything.

9) I should have tracked how many starbucks I visited . . . I visited a lot.

Thrilled to be going home; thrilled to get back to work and start this huge season.